Colouring Competition Winners

Rugby Tykes Max colouring competition winner Jack Bulley, runners up Jack Bradley & Charles Bayliss

Jack Bulley






Jack Bradley







Charles Bayliss

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Pat’s advice on Contact Rugby

Rugby is a contact sport but a game of evasion so “Run at the spaces not at the faces”

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Pat Sanderson retires

Ex-England and Worcester skipper Pat Sanderson has announced his retirement from rugby on the advice of his doctor.

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Tanzania trip for Rugby Tykes coach

Max had an amazing trip and the rugby balls donated by Rugby Tykes went down really well!



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Pat to miss first month of season

Warriors coach Richard Hill has confirmed Pat Sanderson is likely to miss the first month of the season with injury.

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Thank you

Thanks from Sam, who first came to Tykes when he was six months old with his brother!

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Pat Sanderson’s kicking tips

Set the ball on the tee nice and straight – seams in line with post

Step back from ball and concentrate on where you want the ball to go

Kick low on the ball – follow through – finish up chest on to the posts

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Positive news over Sanderson setback

Pat is still going to miss the rest of the season, which is a shame, but for him to go through all the trauma of an operation and all the rehabilitation would have been difficult,” said the Worcester Head Coach.

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Rugby Tykes coach Volunteering

Rugby Tykes coach Max Barber is volunteering in Tanzania.


I have signed up to volunteer for 3 weeks in Tanzania this summer with ‘SoapBox’, a non-profit Christian organisation. They are a well established charity which runs short trips to important locations to help those in need.

This project in the South of the country is based on construction work (school buildings) and spending time with  local children to help improve their English skills. I will be, along with the other volunteers, living in a rural village with the local people.

The experience will count towards my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Residential section and will be useful with my University applications next year.

As a family  we will be paying my costs of up to £1500 and I am trying to raise roughly £200 for building materials and children’s play equipment.

To that end I will be hosting a raffle on the 26th March. I would be very grateful for your support and any another donations would also be greatly appreciated.

Max Barber

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Pat Sanderson’s tips for catching the ball.

Pat’s tips:

  1. Chin up, eyes open.
  2. Move straight onto ball.
  3. Extend fingers towards ball. Fingers spread.
  4. Watch ball into hands.
  5. Wrists should tilt hands up with give to make targets.

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Pat Sanderson

“It’s fantastic as a parent to see the children learning and developing so quickly. Rugby Tykes provides a great, fun way to learn.”

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